R&D tax incentive advice for accountants and tax professionals

Think you might have a client who is developing new products, systems or processes?

New to the R&D tax incentive program and need assistance?

Time poor and need to get it done before the deadline?

Accessing the R&D incentive program may be important for your client’s cashflow.

We work closely with tax professionals, accountants and financial advisers to help them achieve the best outcome for their business clients. We can provide a complete service or simply provide additional support and guidance to further support your client relationship.

SAS may work with you and your client to:

  • complete applications for registration for the R&D program
  • assist clients in seeking Advance or Overseas Findings, which can provide greater business certainty
  • determine activities and expenditures eligible for the program
  • complete of the R&D tax schedule that is lodged as part of the client’s income tax return
  • assist your client to articulate their research and substantiate the scientific merit of their application
  • conduct reviews of applications pre- and post- submission

Our team’s approach is to build a collaborative working relationship with financial professionals. SAS has a special blend of technical/scientific and commercial expertise to build the bridge between the nature of R&D being conducted and its eligibility for the program.

If you have a question or would like to hear how we could assist you, please contact us. Our team are happy to discuss.